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Wine & Cheese Pairing: How to Look, Smell & Taste like a Sommelier
Beta Gamma Sigma Alumni had an evening of wine, networking, and mingling. We learned how to taste like a sommelier over wine with cheese and dessert pairings.

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An Evening With Federal Reserve Bank of NY Regional Economist Giorgio Topa
Dr. Topa, Vice President in the Microeconomic Studies Function at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, discusses the national economic outlook, and provides an overview of the international/global picture. Thursday, March 28, 2019

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Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies 101
An introduction on the history of Bitcoin, & how this rapidly evolving industry has grown into a much larger ecosystem. Click here to view event photos!
July 10, 2018

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Making Luck In Work and Life
Authors Janice Kaplan & Barnaby Marsh take a deep look at events that people often ascribe to ‚Äúluck.‚ÄĚ They argue that most of these situations happen not because of chance, but because of specific human actions.
May 24, 2018

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The New Networking: Building Relationship Capital
Mr. Somal shares how to build relationship capital through digital networking. Learn to quantify trust, communication, and emotional intelligence to improve interpersonal relationships.
February 20, 2018

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New Research on Founding Team Leadership can also be Applied in the Corporate Setting
Hear research from Julia McNamera on key leadership characteristics (Solos vs CoFounders) required for a successful partnership in the corporate setting.
January 18, 2018

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Holiday Celebration at the Top of World
Cocktails and mingling at the top of the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere for the holidays!
December 6, 2017

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Welcome Reception to Kick Off the 2017-2018 Season
Welcome Reception at the Terrace Club with fellow alumni, recent graduates and new inductees into our chapter.
October 17, 2017

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Summer Celebration at the Top of the World
Cocktails and mingling at the top of the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere!
Click here to see photos from the event!
July 27, 2017

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Bocconi & NOVA Aperitivo & Mini Lecture on the Future of the European Banking Industry
We are pleased to make the following program available to our members thanks to our association with the Bocconi Alumni Association of New York.
August 3, 2015

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Wolverines in the Tank: Sharks & Start-Ups
Witness a group of exciting start-ups make their pitch to seasoned New York investors. Learn how to present an effective elevator pitch & handle investor Q & A like a pro!
June 17, 2015

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