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The Economy - What, When and Why? The 2010 Economic Forecast

The Economy – What, When and Why?
The 2010 Economic Forecast

Join Beta Gamma Sigma of New York City for an insightful and exciting discussion of the economy from both a regional and global perspective. In this past year we’ve experienced unprecedented business failures, yeoman actions by the US government to “right” both the economy and the financial and manufacturing sectors, and global actions to mutually bring about a return to stability and future growth.

Certainly no one has a better perspective on the economic issues and potential solutions (or alternatives) that the Federal Reserve. For this year’s economic forecast, we’ve been fortunate to bring to BGS-NYC the New York Fed’s Director of Regional Affairs, and formerly their head of domestic and international research, Erica Groshen. She will discuss “where the economy is going and why?” Plenty of time will also be available to attendees for specific questions and answers.

When:  Tuesday, January 19th, 2010

Where: The Williams Club
             24 East 39th Street (between Madison and Park)
             NYC, NY
Time:  Reception beginning 6:00PM

Price: $35 BGS-NYC members, $45 Non BGS-NYC members and other guests

Space is limited.  Register Here

Speaker Bio

Erica L. Groshen is a vice president and the Director of Regional Affairs at the New York Fed. She leads and coordinates the Bank's efforts to monitor, study and report on conditions in the 2nd District and to inform and educate its constituents about the financial system, financial products, the region and the Federal Reserve. She is a member of the coordinating committee for the Federal Reserve System's Mortgage Outreach and Research Efforts and leads the New York Fed's efforts to mitigate the impact of mortgage foreclosures on the region.

Prior to assuming her current position, Dr. Groshen served as head of domestic research and head of international research in the Research Group. She has conducted research and published papers in academic and Federal Reserve journals on topics including labor markets over the business cycle, wage rigidity and dispersion, the male-female wage differential, service-sector employment, and the role of employers in labor market outcomes. She is a leader of the sixteen-country International Wage Flexibility Project and co-authored the book How New is the “New Employment Contract”? from the W.E. Upjohn Institute Press. Dr. Groshen is the former editor of the Economic and Policy Review, the flagship research publication of the New York Fed.

Before joining the Bank in 1994, Dr. Groshen was a visiting assistant professor of economics at Barnard College at Columbia University, and economic advisor, and economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, where she focused on labor and employment issues.

Dr. Groshen earned a Ph.D. in economics at Harvard University and a B.A. in economics and mathematics at University of Wisconsin-Madison.


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